Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 22, 2011

Today we drove to Sterling for Harrison's basketball game.  I took my Internet for Dummies book to see if I could learn anything new.  Well I did.
I didn't know that you could write the Postmaster with questions regarding rejected mail.
Then just some tidbits about searching the web
* put double quotation marks (" ") around words you expect to see next to eachother
* put a plus sign (+) infront of a word that must appear
* put a minus sign (-) in front of a word that should not appear
* no space between the plus or minus and the word
* don't use and, or, and not

On our way home we read some of You Asked over 300 great questions and astounding answers.  Parents, this was a great book.  Perfect for road trips. It was awesome to hear all their answers to why they think things happen.  I truely was delighted in my children.

Harrison said "It's a good book, Usually people don't know how you live and stay alive until you read that book.  Why do people wake up?  The sun comes up and is bright and people feel happy when the sun is bright and when it's cold they don't want to wake up and their cranky"

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