Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

I have started so many books since my last post and have only completed one.  I tried to read Louisa by Simone Zelitch.  But only read 100 pages.  Thats my limit if I am not wanting to pick the book up anymore.  This story was about a mother and her daughter-in-law both survivors of the Holocaust.  Maybe I just didn't want to read another Holocaust book.  I just couldn't get into it.

The next book I did read.  To Live by Yu Hua.  When I started this book I was at the high school and I had about 5 students come up to me and tell me that they read that book their junior year  for English and that they loved it.  I was pretty excited by this and looked forward to it.  I, however did not like the book it was a tragic story.  Not for me. 

The next book was Wedding Dress stories from the dakota plains by Carrie Young.  This book was a collection of short stories from North Dakota.  I read the first two but then had enough. 

I then started The Piano Teacher by Lynn York.  I couldn't get into this story too stupid.

I then read Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto.  Again another short story book.  I read 3/4s of the book then it got weird so I quit. 

My next book was Tales from Comache County: the peculiar education of Max Freeman  More short stories but this time with improper english.  I quit. 

Yesterday I started Eyes at the Window by Evie Yoder Miller.  I couldn't get into this book either.  Each chapter is a story from a different charachter.  So It doesn't flow and the time period is the 1800s.

With so many books that I haven't enjoyed I went back to the library and peeked ahead.  The rest of this shelf looks equally as bad.  We'll see.  I just don't think I should waste my time on books that aren't calling my name when there are so many to read.

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