Friday, February 25, 2011

February 11, 2011

I watched Someone Like You and liked it better than the book.  So, I say don't even bother with the book.  It was a really cute movie and it had a much better ending than the book.

I read Dating Big bird by Laura Zigman.  This book  was about a lady who wants to have a baby desperately.  She decides to look into sperm donors online.  I found it hysterical that when she was looking online for a donor she could choose an option for tanning ability.  That can't be possible can it?
I started reading Camelot's Shadow by Sarah Zettel and knew from the moment I picked up the book that it wasn't for me.  I could tell it was a fantasy book by the cover.  But I promised myself I would read 100 pages. I did just that and couldn't get into it.  When I found out that the father promised his first born to a sorcerer to save his wife's life, I knew I was done.   I'm not a fairytale type person anymore. I can barely sit through a kids movie without crawling out of my seat wanting to be done.

I started to tell Makayla about the book she was on the edge of her seat.  She told me that I had to finish it and tell her what happens.  i might have to pick it up again.  But for now it sits on the library shelf waiting for someone else.

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